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Terms and Payment
We Accept Visa, Master Card, eCheck, Money Transfer
The max transaction amount is:
Verify Date:
Immediate upon transaction (eCheck: usually 5-7 working days)
Upon the order confirmation, we will send you our bank account details to you. And we will process your order within 2 days once the payment received.
p.s. Your local bank may charge for the transfer service while we will not take any responsibility on it.
The max transaction amount is:
No Upper Limit
The min Amount is:
USD$300 (A USD$7 charge will be imposed by the bank if the order amount is less than USD$300)
We do NOT accept:
1. Travellers Cheque (Check).
2. Cash by mail.
Express Mail:
3-5 days (Hong Kong Speed Post or UPS)
Air Mail:
Surface Mail:
1-2 months
  • Items we shipped by Express Service only (eg. EMS and UPS) with 100% money back guarantee of delivery and ship but not including some airsoft restricted countries.
  • We ship Gas & Silicone Spray by surface mail only without guaranteed.
  • We guarantee to check all items before ship with complete and perfect condition, but not take the responsibility of any delay, damage or loss by delivery services.
  • However, if the goods have damaged during delivery, we will provide free repairing or parts replacement for you but not including extra “in and out” shipping costs.
  • We’ll check all products with complete accessories before sent. But not guarantee the quality of products such as outer surface and sketches. Some may have slightly flaws with imperfect condition. Those are not the reasons for exchange and refund issues. Please consider thoroughly about the corresponding risks before making a purchase.
  • We’ll ship items to all countries, but not take any responsibility of any restricted issues such as custom duty, country’s airsoft restriction law… etc. We’ll try to ship in vary ways or by customer’s personal suggestions, but customer also please consider any loss those may be out of our shipping guaranteed. Those also are not the reasons for exchange and refund issues.
  • We do not charge taxes on shipments to any state or country.
    However, YOUR COUNTRY MAY CHARGE YOU TAXES, Duties and fees over which we have no control. Customers can provide the tailor shipping quote to avoid any local extra costs and taxes by suggestion. For more details, please deal with us with discussions.




Express Mail:
US (in USD)
European Countries (in USD)
Airsoft Pistol (Avg.)
1 AEG (Avg.)

Air Mail & Surface Mail:
  • For items over 2 kg, we will suggest you to use Express Mail, since the shipping cost is almost the same with Air Mail.
  • Gas & Silicone can ship via Surface Mail only.
To conform the Customs of your country, we provide trademark removal, muzzle painting and take apart for you without charge. Please notify us of this service.
All airsoft guns sent to US must abide by US regulations. We will not be responsible for customs confiscation if you decide just use tape to temporarily cover the Trademarks